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randomdata.sh is an online hardware random generator using Johnson noise as entropy source.

How does that work? A CCD sensor is kept under high temperature to induce heat noise which causes the array to randomly detect electrons. The noise is extract from a CCD sensor then proccessed and streamed as raw bytes to randomdata.sh, where it is distributed on Internet.

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Where is randomdata.sh used?

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For research

I needed random values to emulate radioactive decays in a research project and randomdata.sh was able to provide a quick solution to get truly random numbers for my project

For simulation

I was working in a game company and needed to test quickly several values for random sampling in a rendering algorithm. I used randomdata.sh to get random values for our game engine which let us achieve high fidelity rendering.

For testing

Everyday we test hundred of scenario and for us getting proper random sampling for our data set was a crucial part of the protocol. Of course using traditional software random generator wasn’t an option. While looking at an efficient solution we found randomdata.sh